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eXconsultants LLC is a minority-owned business operated by a team of Registered Nurses that are trained to apply their clinical knowledge to process and performance improvement initiatives.  We are located in the Nation's Capital of Washington, DC. and we staff medical professionals throughout the United States. 

Our competitive advantage is our ability to provide our clients with a team of clinicians extensively trained in Trauma, Emergency, and Critical Care Nursing with the exceptional ability to apply clinical knowledge and analytical principles to patient care. 

                           "Client Success is Our Focus; Nurse Staffing Solutions is Our Priority!"

eXconsultants will motivate and empower each of our contract nurses through extensive training, team-based assignments, generous compensation and benefits, and a path to temporary and permanent placement at a hospital of their choice.  Each of these nurses, in turn, will be a powerful change agent, ultimately lowering costs and increasing revenues for client hospitals.

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