Consultation Services

eXconsultants, llc. supplies our clients with Registered Nurse eXperts who are eXtensively trained to apply strategic and analytical principles to the patient eXperience while promoting a culture of safety in the clinical setting and providing our clients with customized, cost effective, patient centered solutions to process and performance improvement in patient care.

eXpert Consultant Product:

Our Consultation Projects typically last 3 – 6 months in duration and involves in depth analysis and direct observation enabling eXconsultants, llc to provide the client with a customized, cost effective, patient centered solution to the delivery of patient care.

Consultant project options includes the following:

Business Diagnostic Services
Emergency Department Management Solutions
Emergency Department Mental Health Management Solutions
Hospital Throughput Solutions
Electronic Medical Record & Productivity Solutions
Business Development and Growth Solutions
Electronic Health Record – Meaningful Use Solutions
Cost Reduction Solutions
Regulatory Accreditation Readiness
Re-Admission & Care Coordination Solutions
Clinical Staff Development Solutions
Service Excellence/Patient Experience Solution

We are dedicated to building a solid business structure that will create healthier communities while supporting the performance and growth of your business.